Editorial Headshot

Headshot Photography Melbourne. Preparing and choosing which suits you the best.

Headshots Melbourne – A headshot used on your LinkedIn account, website or Facebook business page is often the first impression given to others of you and your business. When taken professionally it really allows you to stand out from the crowd and portray a positive image.

To help create a this you’ll need to dress to match the image that you’re trying to convey. For example, many companies adhere to a corporate dress code with both men and woman wearing tailored classic outfits in neutral dark colours, whereas the owner and staff from a creative business may choose to go for a more casual look.

There are also two types of headshots to choose from, an editorial headshot or a professional headshot.

Editorial Headshots

Editorial Headshot

I find that an editorial headshot is a more creative way to take a headshot as I do away with the plain background and photograph you in your work environment. It makes for a more interesting portrait as it captures you in your professional working environment giving people an insight into what you do. Editorial headshots can be taken indoors or outdoors using natural light and when shot in the early morning or late afternoon in what is known as the Golden Hour it helps to create a nice calming effect as the light is both redder and softer.

Professional Headshots

Professional Headshots

Professional headshots taken with a plain neutral background in either a studio or on-site (I have a collapsible backdrop in black or white which can be taken anywhere) allows me to produce more of a classic headshot look popular with large companies. Being shot in a controlled indoor environment with a studio lighting, the weather is not an issue and I’m able to create continuity between images which works well when multiple people need a headshot taken for your company in one day. They do take a little bit longer to set up the equipment on-site, but this is not really an issue if the space allocated for the photographer is not in anyone’s way.

The Photoshoot

Once you’ve chosen the type of headshot you want my job is to not only capture the photo but to help make you feel comfortable and relaxed while doing so. For a confident look, it’s best not to hunch your shoulders and keep your back nice and straight and as body language is important, avoid crossing your arms and putting your hands in your pockets. Thinking of something that makes you laugh helps to produce a natural smile both on your mouth and in your eyes and it’s up to you if you want to show teeth or not.

At the end of the day, one size does not fit all and it’s good to know that there are options to choose from to help you create the headshot that’s right for you.

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